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Struzzu is a Cape Town-based company that create unique and truly exclusive luxury fashion accessories for the jet set lifestyle of discerning women. Our master craftsmen use only the highest quality genuine ostrich skins to create remarkable and glamorous items. We produce a range of products that include shouder bags, crossbody bags, totes, clutches, purses, belts and men's wallets. Our clients are spread over Southern Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and the Far East.


Over the years our master artisans have passed down their skills to the next generation of expert craftsmen. Some of our artisans have over 30 years experience and are dedicated to upholding high standards of quality.

the history of ostrich farming in south africa


When it comes to ostrich leather, South Africa is proud to be the world leader, with 70% of the market share. We have the oldest, most experienced and knowledgeable tanneries globally.

All South African ostrich skins are complete traceability. When a raw skin arrives in our tanneries, a small micro chip is attached to the skin which allows manufacturers to find out exactly where a skin comes from, which ensures that it comes from farm that’s registered and applies all environmental control rules.

Ostrich leather tanning began in 1970 in South Africa. Today, the finishes, colours and options available are endless.


Ostrich farming started in 1864 in the small town of Oudtshoorn, South Africa. The world-wide demand for ostrich plumes peaked around 1913. It was during this time that ostrich feathers became South Africa’s fourth largest export (after gold, diamonds and wool).

Changing fashions, excessive supply of feathers, poorly co-ordinated marketing and the disruption of export because of World War I, caused the sudden collapse of the industry. By 1930 the ostrich population dropped from 770 000 to 23 000. It was only after the first tannery was built in 1970 that ostrich leather became popular in European haute couture and in the U.S. for cowboy boots. Read more

the history of ostrich farming in south africa


Ostrich leather is among the most precious and expensive types of leather used in the luxury leather industry. It is also considered to be one of the most durable, soft and flexible exotic leathers.

Only 280,000 ostrich skins are produced annually world-wide, compared to the multi million bovine hides. Specialized machinery, processes and skills are also required to process the skin due to the leather's trademark quills.